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Pic of the day
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Saturday, December 26, 2009

A cool line I had heard long ago, and recently stated, that I felt I must write.

The world is full of fools.
But there comes a time when you have to decide, if you're a fool among fools, or a fool alone.


Six weeks... haven't felt like writing.

Even this is my pushing myself. It is like a muscle, I'm told, that must be exercised.

I went through some of the stuff I had written in the past, even stuff that isn't on this page. There was always a trend to churn out interesting work from the darkest moments of life. Somehow that seemed to always be the source.

And it occurs to me that that is laziness. Of course it is easy to write from a troubled mind. And it fits in with exactly the larger picture.

Give me a couch.
Give me a show.
I'll eat and I'll be
a freakin' potato!

I'm bloody LAZY! And it's a horrible thing to be.

Well... at least it would be if I allowed it to reign.

I figured, just as I move my well-shaped posterior to get out of a lazy slump and work and live life and be with friends and do all those jazzy things that self-help book writers make millions writing about, I should move my equally well shaped mind to write.

And so I shall...

First... find a muse...

To use a muse, you must
Amuse a muse.
Never ask a muse to amuse you.
For a muse is not amusement to be taken.
She says, I am! Use me! and gives.
So use a muse with care to amuse and not be amused.

Okay... I'll be back.
(and as a friend put it... You be Beethoven).

Thursday, November 12, 2009


I was remembering my debut as a director of a full-fledged play. (Pictures recently added to the side bar).

It's an interesting bond that develops with the team. It's quite different from the perspective of an actor, which is what I had experienced up until then. I got to know the people on my cast, and they did, indeed, become MY cast. I probably got to know them in a very different and deeper way (a different point of depth in their respective psyches) than I would have as friends. They also came to mean more to me and, again, differently.

I'm not saying that there was a major psychic connection or that we have all bonded for life and shall, in spirit, be inseparable. Please, let us not trivialise this by exaggerating it.

It's just that when I think back to that process, that play, that period, there is a certain warm feeling, whose nature is quite unique. And being the director, I take it that comes from MY cast.

They were a nice group. They are nice people. It would be nice to cross paths again.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Random wRitings thanks to Rae!

First comment posted on my blog today. Felt I had to write something.

So, apparently, a cyclone came up, took one look at Bombay, tucked tail and turned away.

Pleasantly, this is the coolest I have ever felt this city. I didn't know that temperatures here were actually capable of dropping below 28deg C. Ah well... cynical old me. Live and learn.

I can't stand heat. So, what am I doing in Bombay? Well, somethings have to be borne for others to be achieved.

It was coincidental that the weather was pleasant today. I had some news that offered me some long awaited relief. Offered... not conferred, yet. But although nothing has been finalised and my conscious mind is still waiting and wary, my subconscious just took the apple. Couldn't help it. Feel the relief!!!!

Hopefully reality won't leave that castle hanging in mid-air and there actually will be a multi-storey building holding it up when the clouds clear. Till such time, we wait and work.

In thirteen days, it'll have been two years since my dog died. I don't know if I'll write something on that day, but I feel like writing now.
He loved me unconditionally. They do that. I loved him. He was old, weak and had lost many facilities towards the end. And I had no courage towards the end.
I remember him for his marvelous self in his life. I remember him for the wonderful joy he brought to mine. And I wonder if, at the time, I didn't appreciate it.
If I visit that house where he lived, my ears still prick up to hear his footsteps. I could always hear him. Still do, sometimes.

I'm on another conversation about solutions and pain-killers. They can be so tempting, these magical camouflages. And we're obviously not discussing Brufin and Nise. However, in whatever form and for whatever reason, they are always capable of becoming an addiction. (Not that the other party of this conversation is in any danger of this. Said party too smart. This just tangent thought. Ugh!)

I read about the current prevailing theory that neandertals co-existed with homo sapiens and that they (gasp!) inter-bred. Couldn't help pondering on how things would be if neanderthals hadn't gone extinct and were still around today. Ah! How society would have been different. Two species co-existing on equal terms.
Two more possibilities of what happened all those millenia ago - One killed off the other. (guess who did who in) OR They actually did dilute one another's gene pool and resulting mixed-breed is the currently dominant race on the planet... complete with internet technology. Oonga booga!

Sometimes the yo-yo like behaviour of the mind is boggling. (mind-boggling, that is). At some point one feels supremely large and looks at everything from a self-centric perspective. At other points one realises the insignificant size of one's part in such large and expanding universe.

Sometimes helps to take comfort from the ponderings and discourses of the two greatest philosophers of our times - Calvin and Hobbes.

Dinner calls, the day closes, lights begin to disappear, some sections of society decide to rest thier heads. Another cycle shall soon begin. Ironic to feel this in a city that never sleeps.

So many people, so many minds, so many lives. Invariably, all touch one another in some way. Whom have I touched?... Ponderings just waft through what sometimes feels like an empty skull.

Thank you Rae, for writing. You triggered this cascade of thoughts. Better out than in, I've been told.

Goodnight all.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Two cups of coffee, sittin' in the kidney
Bounce, crash, boom, bang, on and off the white wall
May not be a good idea after all.

Saturday, October 31, 2009


The cycle ends. And in that ending goes on forever more.


i have to write i have to write i have to find a thing to write i'll write a writ of written words to rattle all the city's nerds without a single punctuation make some sense from this locution take from this some inspiration leave it here for all damnation someone will if someone cares to read my blog if someone dares

Thursday, October 29, 2009

A laugh in the dark recesses of my mind...

Fight the demons! Fight the demons!
Everyone must... Fight their demons!

In different forms. To each his own.
Demon is as person do.
From roots are born his flesh and bone.
A different form for me and you.

Fight the demons! Fight the demons!
Everyone wants to fight their demons!

The weapons different, each unlike.
A diffent face to face and fear.
For some the subtle - thought and psych.
For some the strong exterior.


Fight the demons! Fight the demons!
The scriptures teach to fight your demons!

What works for you will not for me.
What works for me will not for you.
Your face of fear is yours to see.
With mine your arrow just won't do!

Fight the demons! Fight the demons!
When all else fails in the fight of demons
Bring the biggest killer of demons.
Cure the disease by killing the patient.


Fight the demons! Fight the demons!
Before it's late and you are a demon!

Fight the demons! Fight the demons!
Your charioteer is a strong weapon.
Knowing how to guide you through
The forest, dark and full of demons!

It is interesting to look at some of the stories of the ancients from an introspective light. I mean, the analogy is pretty obvious... Not literally a physical demonic being with inhuman facilities, but that aspect of a person's mind that causes harm to the self and those who are close.

Perhaps it wasn't a demon-king from a faraway island that abducted the queen, but metaphorically just the husband's base-animal selfish lust being battled... are we talking domestic rape? The devoted brother and dear dear friend who do not lay down their lives, literally, but dare to risk their relationship with their friend just to see that he stays a good person.

The battlefield is within.

And speaking of that loyal friend... That charioteer, that Saarathy... Always there to help guide you through the toughest of times. Somehow, always knowing when the love has to be 'tough' and kicking you in the behind with a greater good in mind.

Yes, to that being, to that concept, I would bow.

Bon soir

Paris... Autumn...
Café au lait... Gorgeous legs... "Qu'est-ce-que vous faites ici?"...
Café noir... Gentle smile... "Hoping to fall in love."

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Skeletons in the closet are admissible as evidence.

Nobody really writes about their dark side, do they?
Oh there's tons of stuff written about being depressed and feeling blue, or indigo or whatever. Feeling sad and feeling bad have been writers' and poets' anchor to their craft for ages. But feeling low, sorrow, pain, etc. is not the dark side.
I mean the side that you don't show very easily. The violent side, for example... the side that will galdly and calmly run a razor through a jugular... simply because it takes longer than the corotid.
Oh, again there is a lot that is written, releasing this side of the writer's psyche... action films, noir poetry, parody comedies, the exploits of Charlie Chaplin. But not much is written directly about it... is it?
And it doesn't have to be depressing.
I mean why should it be all pain and suffering for the actual wielder of the razor? Certainly, a thought to rotate a head until the neck snaps... with a smile... would have had cause for provokation. After all, we're not ruled by homicidal delusions, are we?
So, why don't we show this side? The veneer of society, of course. That hypocritical concept of a conscience!
Heaven forbid that an individual harbours thoughts of violence... No no... lock him up and erradicate him from the world. But it is quite all right to do much much worse under the banner of security for the nation.
Geographically clustered parties of the same species engaging in the wanton destruction of millions of lives, in disputes over imaginary boundaries drawn on the surface of the planet and over equally imaginary beliefs of "good" and "evil". That's war. And that's justified.
Imagine... A copper-jacketed lead object, approximately 7.6 mm in diameter and 54 mm in length, travelling at sonic speeds (that's near the speed of sound) while spinning at approximately 300,000 revolutions per minute, enters the chest of a person. Now, the sheer power of this projectile makes it continue to move through this unlucky person and exit out the back of his/her body. Perhaps, as the fates would have it, this object has not touched the heart and only ripped half a lung. This person now lies on the ground (obviously), bleeding, burning, dying in the midst of chaos which is the rest of the battlefield. This is a painful, gruesome and most terribly, a slow death. But it's justified. Isn't it?
The cure for all of man's neighbourly problems:High-velocity cranial lead therapy
... translated... a bullet through the brain.
It isn't surprising that most of the greatest technological advancements have been triggered by the development of weapons (defense, warfare, whatever you want to call it). But it's okay... Humans are instinctively a violent species. Perhaps we should accept that and stop being hypocritical about it. Perhaps then we can think about the next stage of evolution.
Well... I'll get back to cleaning my razor now.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Osus caffeine

This word 'copious' seems to be quite popular these days.
"I was drinking copious amounts of wine"
"They found copious quantities of cocaine up her bum"

Copious, comes from Latin copiosus, copia (supply) + -osus (full of) and it means 'abundant', or 'profuse', or 'great in quantity'.

So, I wonder if the amount of coffee I drink is considered "copious". I mean, how much is 4 cups a day?

But, what this doesn't account for is quality. Those who know me, know the kind of coffee I drink. So, does quality throw a different light on the whole thing?

It is rare that I find the good stuff North of Deccan plateau. But, I guess that is the mark of a true metropolitan city - almost anything is available, if you know where to look. And, this is really good stuff that I found. Merci, Mumbai!

I think I'd do well trying to market a good brand of coffee... Provided I like it. Like a Kalmane, or Lavazza. I mean, I'd believe in it.
Also Chocolate... G&B's, Valrhona, even Lindt.
Also Wine...
Also Whiskey...

Oh sigh!

I'll get back to my cuppa now.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


The world is full of fools.
But, there comes a time when you have to decide, if you want to be a fool among fools, or a fool alone.
- Dolly Levi

Must learn new language

I can always tell when a dog smiles. I learnt that.
I can't tell a cat's smile. I still haven't learnt the language of cats fully.

I know "hungry". I know "I wanna play". I know "I'm so cute. Let me stay out a little while longer". But I still don't know the smile.

In time...

The first. Okay?

Who said I do everything five years too late?
So what if I'm down a score and a half and this is my first blog. So what?
It's okay!
Who said I do everything five years too late?
You didn't! So just keep reading!
Who said I could write poetry? I didn't! You didn't!

Well, have you ever tried to write a simple sentence in iamb?
And then of all the things to get the bloody thing to bloody rhyme?

Well... I don't know what I'm going to write here. Let's just see. Okay?