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Thursday, October 29, 2009

A laugh in the dark recesses of my mind...

Fight the demons! Fight the demons!
Everyone must... Fight their demons!

In different forms. To each his own.
Demon is as person do.
From roots are born his flesh and bone.
A different form for me and you.

Fight the demons! Fight the demons!
Everyone wants to fight their demons!

The weapons different, each unlike.
A diffent face to face and fear.
For some the subtle - thought and psych.
For some the strong exterior.


Fight the demons! Fight the demons!
The scriptures teach to fight your demons!

What works for you will not for me.
What works for me will not for you.
Your face of fear is yours to see.
With mine your arrow just won't do!

Fight the demons! Fight the demons!
When all else fails in the fight of demons
Bring the biggest killer of demons.
Cure the disease by killing the patient.


Fight the demons! Fight the demons!
Before it's late and you are a demon!

Fight the demons! Fight the demons!
Your charioteer is a strong weapon.
Knowing how to guide you through
The forest, dark and full of demons!

It is interesting to look at some of the stories of the ancients from an introspective light. I mean, the analogy is pretty obvious... Not literally a physical demonic being with inhuman facilities, but that aspect of a person's mind that causes harm to the self and those who are close.

Perhaps it wasn't a demon-king from a faraway island that abducted the queen, but metaphorically just the husband's base-animal selfish lust being battled... are we talking domestic rape? The devoted brother and dear dear friend who do not lay down their lives, literally, but dare to risk their relationship with their friend just to see that he stays a good person.

The battlefield is within.

And speaking of that loyal friend... That charioteer, that Saarathy... Always there to help guide you through the toughest of times. Somehow, always knowing when the love has to be 'tough' and kicking you in the behind with a greater good in mind.

Yes, to that being, to that concept, I would bow.


Rae said...

woohoo. phatte stuff.

Mithraah Indiirh said...

While I love the post and completely agree...
"That charioteer, that Saarathy"
made me laugh my head off...
sounded so well... just so damn South Indian...
That Saarathy..hmph! :P