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Pic of the day
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Thursday, November 12, 2009


I was remembering my debut as a director of a full-fledged play. (Pictures recently added to the side bar).

It's an interesting bond that develops with the team. It's quite different from the perspective of an actor, which is what I had experienced up until then. I got to know the people on my cast, and they did, indeed, become MY cast. I probably got to know them in a very different and deeper way (a different point of depth in their respective psyches) than I would have as friends. They also came to mean more to me and, again, differently.

I'm not saying that there was a major psychic connection or that we have all bonded for life and shall, in spirit, be inseparable. Please, let us not trivialise this by exaggerating it.

It's just that when I think back to that process, that play, that period, there is a certain warm feeling, whose nature is quite unique. And being the director, I take it that comes from MY cast.

They were a nice group. They are nice people. It would be nice to cross paths again.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Random wRitings thanks to Rae!

First comment posted on my blog today. Felt I had to write something.

So, apparently, a cyclone came up, took one look at Bombay, tucked tail and turned away.

Pleasantly, this is the coolest I have ever felt this city. I didn't know that temperatures here were actually capable of dropping below 28deg C. Ah well... cynical old me. Live and learn.

I can't stand heat. So, what am I doing in Bombay? Well, somethings have to be borne for others to be achieved.

It was coincidental that the weather was pleasant today. I had some news that offered me some long awaited relief. Offered... not conferred, yet. But although nothing has been finalised and my conscious mind is still waiting and wary, my subconscious just took the apple. Couldn't help it. Feel the relief!!!!

Hopefully reality won't leave that castle hanging in mid-air and there actually will be a multi-storey building holding it up when the clouds clear. Till such time, we wait and work.

In thirteen days, it'll have been two years since my dog died. I don't know if I'll write something on that day, but I feel like writing now.
He loved me unconditionally. They do that. I loved him. He was old, weak and had lost many facilities towards the end. And I had no courage towards the end.
I remember him for his marvelous self in his life. I remember him for the wonderful joy he brought to mine. And I wonder if, at the time, I didn't appreciate it.
If I visit that house where he lived, my ears still prick up to hear his footsteps. I could always hear him. Still do, sometimes.

I'm on another conversation about solutions and pain-killers. They can be so tempting, these magical camouflages. And we're obviously not discussing Brufin and Nise. However, in whatever form and for whatever reason, they are always capable of becoming an addiction. (Not that the other party of this conversation is in any danger of this. Said party too smart. This just tangent thought. Ugh!)

I read about the current prevailing theory that neandertals co-existed with homo sapiens and that they (gasp!) inter-bred. Couldn't help pondering on how things would be if neanderthals hadn't gone extinct and were still around today. Ah! How society would have been different. Two species co-existing on equal terms.
Two more possibilities of what happened all those millenia ago - One killed off the other. (guess who did who in) OR They actually did dilute one another's gene pool and resulting mixed-breed is the currently dominant race on the planet... complete with internet technology. Oonga booga!

Sometimes the yo-yo like behaviour of the mind is boggling. (mind-boggling, that is). At some point one feels supremely large and looks at everything from a self-centric perspective. At other points one realises the insignificant size of one's part in such large and expanding universe.

Sometimes helps to take comfort from the ponderings and discourses of the two greatest philosophers of our times - Calvin and Hobbes.

Dinner calls, the day closes, lights begin to disappear, some sections of society decide to rest thier heads. Another cycle shall soon begin. Ironic to feel this in a city that never sleeps.

So many people, so many minds, so many lives. Invariably, all touch one another in some way. Whom have I touched?... Ponderings just waft through what sometimes feels like an empty skull.

Thank you Rae, for writing. You triggered this cascade of thoughts. Better out than in, I've been told.

Goodnight all.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Two cups of coffee, sittin' in the kidney
Bounce, crash, boom, bang, on and off the white wall
May not be a good idea after all.