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Pic of the day
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Monday, August 9, 2010

This week that was

This week that was has happened before.
It was and will be perhaps once more.
Decades ago these fires did burn
and history repeats as the clock-hands turn.

Little boy - Hiroshima - 70,000 killed instantly
Coronal mass ejections from the Sun
Tagore's death
Wildfires in Russia - 50 killed, thousands of homes destroyed
Flooding in Pakistan - 1,600 killed, 12 million affected
Flooding in Leh - 130 killed, 500 missing
Fat man - Nagasaki - 39,000 killed instantly
Landslide in China - 127 killed, 2,000 missing

History, this week, these events did pen.
Some in the 1940's, some in 2010.