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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Osus caffeine

This word 'copious' seems to be quite popular these days.
"I was drinking copious amounts of wine"
"They found copious quantities of cocaine up her bum"

Copious, comes from Latin copiosus, copia (supply) + -osus (full of) and it means 'abundant', or 'profuse', or 'great in quantity'.

So, I wonder if the amount of coffee I drink is considered "copious". I mean, how much is 4 cups a day?

But, what this doesn't account for is quality. Those who know me, know the kind of coffee I drink. So, does quality throw a different light on the whole thing?

It is rare that I find the good stuff North of Deccan plateau. But, I guess that is the mark of a true metropolitan city - almost anything is available, if you know where to look. And, this is really good stuff that I found. Merci, Mumbai!

I think I'd do well trying to market a good brand of coffee... Provided I like it. Like a Kalmane, or Lavazza. I mean, I'd believe in it.
Also Chocolate... G&B's, Valrhona, even Lindt.
Also Wine...
Also Whiskey...

Oh sigh!

I'll get back to my cuppa now.


Mithraah Indiirh said...

This post was so definitely Anand! Crack it is :) So you found Kaapi thool in Mumbai aa?
Matunga I am presuming?
And you remind me of my German proffessor (thats the spelling right?)...
"They found copious quantities of cocaine up her bum"
Why do I believe I have never heard that other than from you?

The word verif is UNOMESTE..

I guess its the french feminine of UKNOWBEST

A! (the neo) said...

Not in Matunga. Hypercity, Malad.
Superb Coorg blend.