Pic of the day

Pic of the day
Somehow, she's always the one up here.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Unto another field

With a carpet sky and raindrop darkness looming over ground,
put a bit of grass in the clouds and kick a ball around.
If sunshine beams are veiled and watered to a withering ghost,
place two bolts of lightning, square, and make a goal post.
When hazy days enhance the ways in which to be lazy,
go run wildly through the skies; kick up a storm, crazy.

 - Inspired by a line from "Postcards from Bardoli", written by Ramu Ramanathan

Monday, June 17, 2013

A word on a bird

There was a little bird who coo'd a little coo.
She looked at  a thing and said, I can do this too.
Her motives were pure,
her footing was sure.
And so, she began, without much a do.

Her passion and her love became her drive;
her choice was never settle, always strive.
With talent and with flair,
over bump and scare
her path became the form that she did contrive.

A tin-man and a lion; a hatter and a hare:
Friends came her way for whom she came to care.
The yellow brick road,
together, they strode,
forming an ensemble rather rare.

The little bird grew to be quite unique.
Along with her mind, grew her mystique.
And so the ensemble
did trudge and rumble,
all the while, the bird guiding their clique.

Time marches on with a sure and steady pace.
The bird found herself in many a race.
And she won them all;
stood proud and tall;
vanquishing every challenge she would face.

This isn't quite where the story ends
for the road is long as it bumps and bends.
Consider it good luck
if in your life amuck
you get to meet this bird and perhaps become friends.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

In the darkest night...

Look at the sky.
Though it may cry,
through the cloud,
screaming loud,
there is a star,
with all her power,
that's burning bright.
Though hidden from sight
the darkest night
becomes light
and easier to bear
just knowing that it's there.


Would you quote Shakespeare when in a fight?
Would you use Beckett's words to prove you're right?
Is what you say important in a fit of seething rage?
Can Byron's colours paint on your personal angry page?

Are words from Wordsworth worthy of your ego?
'sit better to throw Wilde than to just wildly throw?
Words, too, in fact can take a form quite terse.
How bloody would war be if we use Lennon's verse?

Perhaps what may work is to sometimes use silence -
The shrug of Chaplin's shoulders always held some poignance -
For the power of a word and just what it can do
perhaps weighed heavy on good ol' Moses too.