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Thursday, November 12, 2009


I was remembering my debut as a director of a full-fledged play. (Pictures recently added to the side bar).

It's an interesting bond that develops with the team. It's quite different from the perspective of an actor, which is what I had experienced up until then. I got to know the people on my cast, and they did, indeed, become MY cast. I probably got to know them in a very different and deeper way (a different point of depth in their respective psyches) than I would have as friends. They also came to mean more to me and, again, differently.

I'm not saying that there was a major psychic connection or that we have all bonded for life and shall, in spirit, be inseparable. Please, let us not trivialise this by exaggerating it.

It's just that when I think back to that process, that play, that period, there is a certain warm feeling, whose nature is quite unique. And being the director, I take it that comes from MY cast.

They were a nice group. They are nice people. It would be nice to cross paths again.


Tinker Belle said...

And i had come expecting to see Galileo jump out of the tub, screaming Eureka! Damn!!

:D :D

A! (the neo) said...

You just wanted nudity on stage. Heh...

Meenakshi said...

yeah..hope you meet your cast again..

I had directed a school play when I was in 8th. I had an ok ok experience. Being the power - mongrel that I am; I enjoyed running the show..

You seem to be multi talented person.

Keep blogging!

Monolith... said...

You are not so bad yourself, o great director!!

Would love working with you again. If you ever want to work with me that is! I promise I won't goof around as much! :)

By the way....when were you going to tell me that you had a blog? huh?

Monolith... said...

And by the way...it's "Eppur si muove". Please to correct spelling!

A! (the neo) said...

Goof around, goof around. That's why it's called 'Play'.
And how I could I tell you about a blog when you don't give access to yours? Huh?

Oh, and I'll correct the spelling.

Mithraah Indiirh said...

It was a pleasure working with you, and even though the cast changed and my director became my father, it was awesome fun...

Would work with you anyday, if like monolith put it "If you ever want to work with me that is! I promise I won't goof around as much! :)"...

Miss you, even though we never really hung around post-play... Miss your coffee and the awesome house...

Hardly ever go that side these days :(