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Pic of the day
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Friday, January 1, 2010

... Shame to you, I shay!

And so the new year dawns on us!

... or some such tried and tested way to open a piece. But I must write something on the 1st of Jan. For every self-respecting blogger worth the salt that came to epitomise the freedom struggle of a nation, must.

'Tis the new beginning of the eternal cycle. 'tis a time to rejoice new birth and fresh opportunities; to cast off the old and ring in the new; to bury old demons and seek new ones... (no, that last one was off).

But it occurs to me that this 1st Jan business is also dependant on the frame of reference. I mean, it is based on a certain frame of reference and certain chosen calendar that we describe today as the first day of the year. Of course, you know this, as do I.

So given that we (you and I) are so well informed, do we still hold true to those classic phrases? Put your best foot forward; Well begun is half done; Every journey begins with a single step.

As an aside, that phrase of 'well begun is half done' had me royally confused for large part of my life. When I first heard it, I thought it meant that everything that is well begun would get left half done. Heh... Spent many a year worrying about things that began well.

Anyway, getting back to my glorious new year post... depending on the frame of reference, any day and, in fact, every day can be the first day of the year. I shall resolve to work out everyday and aim at being healthier from February 3rd onwards. That is my new year's resolution for the year from 3rd Feb to 3rd Feb. Ha!

Well... just a rambling post, this.

Didn't do much on this famed night. Read the horrorscopes this morning for the year looming ahead. Being a cusp, I'm often amused at figuring out which part of which zodiac to believe. Heh

Oh, you know, going by this calendar, the first decade of the 21st Century is also over. We're in the second now. Quite a ten years, it's been

So, to give a pretentiously formed but sincerely intended sign-off:

To all those whose lives I may have touched these past ten years, and who may chance upon this page,
All happiness and joy to you!