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Pic of the day
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Saturday, December 26, 2009

A cool line I had heard long ago, and recently stated, that I felt I must write.

The world is full of fools.
But there comes a time when you have to decide, if you're a fool among fools, or a fool alone.


Six weeks... haven't felt like writing.

Even this is my pushing myself. It is like a muscle, I'm told, that must be exercised.

I went through some of the stuff I had written in the past, even stuff that isn't on this page. There was always a trend to churn out interesting work from the darkest moments of life. Somehow that seemed to always be the source.

And it occurs to me that that is laziness. Of course it is easy to write from a troubled mind. And it fits in with exactly the larger picture.

Give me a couch.
Give me a show.
I'll eat and I'll be
a freakin' potato!

I'm bloody LAZY! And it's a horrible thing to be.

Well... at least it would be if I allowed it to reign.

I figured, just as I move my well-shaped posterior to get out of a lazy slump and work and live life and be with friends and do all those jazzy things that self-help book writers make millions writing about, I should move my equally well shaped mind to write.

And so I shall...

First... find a muse...

To use a muse, you must
Amuse a muse.
Never ask a muse to amuse you.
For a muse is not amusement to be taken.
She says, I am! Use me! and gives.
So use a muse with care to amuse and not be amused.

Okay... I'll be back.
(and as a friend put it... You be Beethoven).