Pic of the day

Pic of the day
Somehow, she's always the one up here.

Sunday, March 27, 2011


Give me a moment.
Give me a mint.
Forget the hues,
give me a tint.
Forget a laugh, I'll take a smile.
They're what add up to joy in a while.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Bumpy roads, here's an ode.

Bumpy road to everwhere.
Roads quite bumpy.
The rhythm's mad, if you care:
One, in three-and-twenty.

Drive over the nasty bumps;
Leave them be.
Leave the bumps in the dumps;
Leave them be.
Don't worry: rock or sand;
Leave them be.
Don't worry; paws or hands;
Leave them be.
Don't look for fur or blood;
Leave them be.
Move on from eyes with mud;
Leave them be.
Let them go, the tears and smiles;
Leave them be.
A mere ponder on cunning wiles;
Leave them be.
They're from a different world, so
Leave them be.
We're here so we can go.
Leave them be.
They were born to a different route;
Leave them be.
Worrying how to help is moot;
Leave them be.
Leave them be; the wise have said,
Leave them be.
They're not alive; bumps are dead.
Leave them be.

Monday, March 21, 2011


Knotty, sometimes nice.
Sugar, sometimes spice.
Lemons, sometimes tarts.
Bitter, sometimes hearts.
Comfort, sometimes numbs.
Toast, sometimes crumbs.
Think, sometimes a thought.
Stink, sometimes a pot.
Bottle, sometimes a-void.
Pink, sometimes Floyd.