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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Skeletons in the closet are admissible as evidence.

Nobody really writes about their dark side, do they?
Oh there's tons of stuff written about being depressed and feeling blue, or indigo or whatever. Feeling sad and feeling bad have been writers' and poets' anchor to their craft for ages. But feeling low, sorrow, pain, etc. is not the dark side.
I mean the side that you don't show very easily. The violent side, for example... the side that will galdly and calmly run a razor through a jugular... simply because it takes longer than the corotid.
Oh, again there is a lot that is written, releasing this side of the writer's psyche... action films, noir poetry, parody comedies, the exploits of Charlie Chaplin. But not much is written directly about it... is it?
And it doesn't have to be depressing.
I mean why should it be all pain and suffering for the actual wielder of the razor? Certainly, a thought to rotate a head until the neck snaps... with a smile... would have had cause for provokation. After all, we're not ruled by homicidal delusions, are we?
So, why don't we show this side? The veneer of society, of course. That hypocritical concept of a conscience!
Heaven forbid that an individual harbours thoughts of violence... No no... lock him up and erradicate him from the world. But it is quite all right to do much much worse under the banner of security for the nation.
Geographically clustered parties of the same species engaging in the wanton destruction of millions of lives, in disputes over imaginary boundaries drawn on the surface of the planet and over equally imaginary beliefs of "good" and "evil". That's war. And that's justified.
Imagine... A copper-jacketed lead object, approximately 7.6 mm in diameter and 54 mm in length, travelling at sonic speeds (that's near the speed of sound) while spinning at approximately 300,000 revolutions per minute, enters the chest of a person. Now, the sheer power of this projectile makes it continue to move through this unlucky person and exit out the back of his/her body. Perhaps, as the fates would have it, this object has not touched the heart and only ripped half a lung. This person now lies on the ground (obviously), bleeding, burning, dying in the midst of chaos which is the rest of the battlefield. This is a painful, gruesome and most terribly, a slow death. But it's justified. Isn't it?
The cure for all of man's neighbourly problems:High-velocity cranial lead therapy
... translated... a bullet through the brain.
It isn't surprising that most of the greatest technological advancements have been triggered by the development of weapons (defense, warfare, whatever you want to call it). But it's okay... Humans are instinctively a violent species. Perhaps we should accept that and stop being hypocritical about it. Perhaps then we can think about the next stage of evolution.
Well... I'll get back to cleaning my razor now.

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Mithraah Indiirh said...

Not much is written about it?
Are you serious Anand?
I'm about done for a lifetime with the amount of the 'darkside' writing that I've come across :P