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Pic of the day
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Thursday, December 20, 2012

What I felt the world needs

When air about
is one of doubt,
anger, hate,
and hollow debate;
when all around
distaste is found
and dejection and disaster
make cynicism grow faster;
when a shadow, so dark, its head rears
and the soul does tremble as it fears
that the only message one wishes to send
is for this filthy world to end
let's give thanks.
Let's give thanks
for the fact that birds still fly;
that grass is green under a somewhat blue sky;
for the fact that music lives
still and our hearts, some hope, gives;
for the tender smile
that we see once in a while
in a passing stranger
without any danger;
for the life we gave a child
who's still so innocent and mild
she weeps as the last flower falls
and is overjoyed at the koel's calls;
for the fact that we still see beauty
in an actor's performance of his duty;
for the joy in that bounding greeting
the street dog shows in the everyday meeting;
for the wonderful part
played by wonderful art
in our lives
and in our hives;
for the invention of the pop-tart;
for the late morning's sleepy start;
for chocolate and coffee;
for wine and whiskey;
for an evening's gentle rain;
for good ol' mary-jane;
for trees of green, red roses too;
for every time someone said, "I love you.".

And last of all, but standing tall,
before this world of ours ends,
let's all shout and make it a call:
let's give thanks for all our friends.

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