Pic of the day

Pic of the day
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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Midnight pass

There's a haze in the air. 
Gloria's in my hand; it's been a while. 
Floyd's pink guitar 
playing in his inimitable style.

The madness mellows
the world isn't shining in its morning glory.
Even the spin slows
as every teller slowly spins a story.

All the world's a-playin'
and every bit character's a stage
with lines to be sayin'.
Every lit window's another page.

A time when alcohol
has, every sin of nicotine, negated
and conversation is all
about pathology 'tween creator and created.

In the light
of screen-savoured glowing prisms
we delight
in spanish, french and euro rhythms.

Spanish strings
in the background; talk of twinkles from a window.
And of horns and wings
and traditions of people who up and go.

All kinds of carols roll
as they pass in the midnight's mass.
We awake and cajole
a sunny rock-n-roll Christmas.

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