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Pic of the day
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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Ode to a small thing that grew in my bedroom through the volcanic process

A lim'rick's the latest thing
that I will write and sing.
Perhaps a grin
or a riotous din -
Who knows what it'll bring.

A one and two and three.
Another one-two-three.
A one and two
and one and two
and one, pause, two, pause, three.

An artist bunch were tense -
A dilemma, immense:
"We need to do
a piece, brand new.
Let's make it on nonsense!"

And so they sat to write,
a-callin' night as white.
From yawn to dusk;
from cake to rusk -
A nonsense writ, all right!

And things began to flow.
You should have seen them go.
Fact and fiction;
mixed into the dough.

The piece began to rise
like bread before their eyes.
A bit of salt,
some candied malt,
and liquor for surprise.

The other side of town
sat many with a frown.
They made a choice
that screamed a voice
that drove a cat to drown.

But that's another tale -
another glass of ale.
The artist crew
now slowly drew
to tap the final nail.

So what was the result?
We ponder with tumult.
What did they write?
It must to light,
before we can exult.

Ah, but there's the catch.
We cannot simply snatch
an artist's due
for pieces, new.
It slowly must unlatch.

So sit with bubbly beer
or wine in crystal, clear;
await the age
when it will stage
and all shall stand and cheer.

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