Pic of the day

Pic of the day
Somehow, she's always the one up here.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

A self portrait by a small ball of white fur that sits on the bed.

Reality's in my eyes.
Contentment is my purr.
Dawn shall break when I rise
and clean my pristine fur.

There shall be food when I mew,
there shall be love when I'm due -
And I am due when I wish:
It's like the salmon in my dish.

Call my name with all your might;
I'll turn on a whim.
Pick me up without the right:
your fingers get a trim.

The noise and mayhem of the world
disappear when I am curled.
I live on simple terms and ask little of life:
To eat, sleep, purr and be left away from strife.

I have been called
and shall again
be known ever more
as the epitome of beauty,
grace and elegance -
oh, what a bore!

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